T-Cell Immunotherapy Exhibits Strong Pipeline With 130+ Drug Candidates

T-cell Immunotherapy Pipeline Analysis

The study analyzed that the T-cell immunotherapy pipeline comprised of 139 therapeutic candidates, of which 16 are in Phase II stage of development. The high prevalence of cancer across the globe fuels the extensive research and development for the T-cell immunotherapeutic. T-cell immunotherapy is emerging as novel and promising approach for the treatment of cancer. It is gaining huge traction globally, for its several advantages over conventional therapies such as very low or no side effects and high specificity.

As per the findings of research, it was found that around 22% T-cell immunotherapeutic candidate target CD19, and 6% target Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) and Prostate Stem Cell Antigen(PSCA). Around 62% pipeline therapeutic candidates of T-cell immunotherapy are being administered by intravenous route, 19% drugs are administered by parenteral route, 15% therapeutic candidates are administered by infusion route.

The research finds that the different companies are collaborating for the development of T-cell immunotherapeutic. In June 2015, Celgene Corporation and Juno Therapeutics, Inc. collaborated for the development and commercialization of immunotherapies. The two companies will leverage T-cell therapeutic strategies to develop treatments for patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases with an initial focus on CAR T and TCR technologies. Some of the key players developing T-cell immunotherapies are Novartis AG, Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc., Kite Pharmaceuticals Inc., Juno Therapeutics, Inc., Gradalis, Inc., Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc., Adaptimmune Therapeutics Plc., Immunocore Limited, and Lion Biotechnologies, Inc.

News Courtesy: P&S Market Research


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