Dry Eye Syndrome Exhibits Significant Growth in Pipeline with Maximum Drug Candidates in Pre-Clinical Stage

Dry Eye Syndrome Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis

The study analyzed that the dry eye syndrome therapeutics pipeline comprises approximately 50 drug candidates, of which 11 drug candidates are in Phase III stage of development, 16 drug candidates are in Phase II stage of development, five drug candidates are in Phase I stage, while 17 drug candidates are in Pre-Clinical stage and one drug candidate in the Discovery stage of development. Dry eye syndrome is also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or keratitis sicca. The disease is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient moisture and lubrication on the ocular surface of the eye. Some of the major consequences of dry eyes include constant eye irritation, significant inflammation and scarring of the front surface of the eye.

According to the research findings, around 78.0% drug candidates of dry eye syndrome pipeline are being developed to be administered by topical route and 4.0% are to be administered by other routes, that include oral and intracanalicular. Route of administration of around 18.0% drug candidates of dry eye syndrome pipeline has not been not disclosed.

InSite Vision (A Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. company) is using DuraSite technology platform for the development of ISV-101 for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. The technology platform delivers a wide variety of potential drug agents. DuraSite is a drug delivery vehicle that stabilizes small molecules in a polymeric mucoadhesive matrix. The topical ophthalmic solution is a gel forming drop, that extends the time for which the drug stays inside the eye, relative to the conventional eye drops.

Some of the other key players developing drugs for the treatment of dry eye syndrome include Ocular Therapeutix, Inc., LTT Bio-Pharma, HanAll BioPharma Co., Ltd., Laboratoires Thea, Avizorex Pharma, S.L., Sylentis, S.A.U., RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Mitotech, SA, Seikagaku Corporation, KPI Therapeutics Inc. and Xigen SA.

News Courtesy: P&S Market Research


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