Global Enterprise Firewall Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

The growing demand for information security in enterprises is a major driver for the growth of the global enterprise firewall market. The increasing demand for cloud-based firewall solutions, due to their cost effectiveness and real time functionalities are expected to drive the growth of the global market. The growing numbers of small and medium sized organizations are expected to provide major growth opportunities for the global market. Enterprise firewall security solutions are gaining pace in organizations, as enterprises find it difficult to manage integrated or stand-alone network components for firewall deployment, due to the lack of resources and budget restraints associated with them.

Enterprise firewall solutions are important part of any organization which protects them from cyber threats. Firewall solutions guard the critical information, which flows within organizations from external and internal threats. The enterprise firewalls are placed on the border of a network to impose a security policy, by denying or allowing certain network traffic. As protecting the database of any enterprise is important, database firewalls can stop a database attack instantly. The organizations need end-to-end web application and database security solution to protect their data, customer information, and ultimately their businesses. Usually, a database enterprise firewall is not able to gather information, such as client IP, user name, host name and browser. Firewalls can recognize if a particular SQL query is invalid, but it cannot recognize who made the malicious request.

Several firewall solutions, such as the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) systems provide multiple functionalities including centralized data management, enhanced IPS solutions, centralized data management, user identification, web and deep packet filtering. These solutions are anticipated to drive the growth of the global enterprise firewall market. The high adaptation of new technologies, such as cloud computing and mobilization of work force have increased the demand for refined security solutions. The large amount of data generated by organizations need to be protected for authorization and threat of malicious attacks. Various companies are using big data technology to analyze and store huge amount of data, including click stream data, web and machine logs, and transaction data over longer time horizons, social media content and mobile data to gain better insights about their customers and their business. As a result, big data security has become much more critical. The product differentiation and innovation in various types of firewalls is expected to be the key success factor for the participants of the enterprise firewall market over the next few years.

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