Engineering Services Outsourcing Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

The global engineering services outsourcing market is growing, as organizations seek cost-saving opportunities. The constant increase in cost reduction and increasing demand for fast delivery of products and services are some of the factors, driving the growth of the global engineering services outsourcing market. The increased global competition has increased the need for cost reduction, among companies across several industries. As technological advancements are significantly decreasing lifecycles of products, the clients are progressively demanding faster delivery of services. The market trend of companies outsourcing engineering services is expected to grow in the coming years, as offshore options are increasing particularly in India for supporting cost-cutting efforts. Several factors, such as enhancement in efficiency and improvement in processes are further driving the growth of the global market.

Outsourcing several non-physical engineering tasks or engineering services, such as simulation, designing, and consultation, to specialized vendors or engineering service providers is known as engineering services outsourcing. ESO drives innovation, as it involves higher level of functionality within the company and is strategic to the company’s value proposition. The companies reliant on manufacturing and engineering require predicting needs and preparing for opportunities, which they may not be able to address on their own. By partnering with an engineering service outsourcing vendor, the organizations encounter vast opportunities. The global engineering services outsourcing market is expected to grow, as companies are augmenting their capabilities with resources provided by information technology firms specializing in engineering design, instead of using exclusive in-house assets.

The consumer electronics segment is estimated to observe the fastest growth during the forecast period, due to significant reduction in product life cycles, which forces companies to bring about product innovations at a swift rate. The end-use industries, such as aerospace and semiconductor electronics exhibit high growth opportunities, due to low penetration rate in these sectors. The administrations are benefitted from engineering services outsourcing, as they can focus on more important matters, such as executive management decisions. The need to focus on critical research and development (R&D) activities has forced the automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to increase their tie-ups and associations with service outsourcing vendors, owing to fixed budgets. The ESO vendors provide various civil and construction engineering services, such as building information modeling, computer aided design (CAD), structural designing, and project management. The changing consumer preferences, along with increased competition have forced companies to continuously develop and innovate new products at a faster pace.

The major challenges in the global engineering service outsourcing market include lack of domain expertise among workers or companies, poor infrastructure development, and poor regulatory support. Asia-Pacific dominated the global market of engineering services outsourcing in 2014, followed by Europe. The emerging local outsourcing demand, strong manufacturing base, and cost arbitrage in developing countries, such as China and India are the major growth drivers of the Asia-Pacific engineering services outsourcing market. Infosys Limited, Mindfire Solutions, Sonata Software Limited, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, EPAM Systems Inc., KPIT Technologies Ltd., Aricent Inc., ALTEN Calsoft Labs are some of the competitors in the global engineering services outsourcing market. HCL has utilized its specialized knowledge and product-focused background in IT, to become the largest engineering services outsourcing vendor in India.

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