Global Air Conditioning Systems Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

The climatic changes, government mandates for using environment friendly refrigerant, in addition to increasing middle class population in developing countries are the predominant growth drivers for the air conditioning systems market.  Moreover, the stringent government mandates for energy efficient models has led to the replacement of existing air conditioning systems in the developed regions, such as North America and Europe.  Latin America, Middle-East, and Africa have shown fastest growth over the past few years, owing to higher AC penetration in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and UAE, along with small market base of AC systems in the region.  Brazil is expected to be the third largest market of single split air conditioning systems by the end of 2020. The El Niño phenomenon is the major growth driver for the Brazilian market.

Asia-Pacific dominated the global air conditioning systems market in 2014. China and Japan are two of the largest market in the region, which accounted for more than 75% of the total regional share in 2014.  The demand of split system in Asia-Pacific witnessed highest growth, owing to the popularity of ducted split air containing system, in addition to growing adoption of variable refrigerant flow (VRF).  The market for conventional signal wall mount and small floor standing are heading towards maturity, and the growth of these variants is expected to be fairly slow during the forecast period.  Asia- Pacific is witnessing above average growth, owing to the increasing demand from Myanmar, China, India, and Malaysia. The demand of air conditioning systems from Japan and Australia is expected to witness moderate growth, during the forecast period.

Europe is the only geographical division, where the air conditioning systems market witnessed decline in 2014, as compared to its market in 2013. However, Germany and the U.K. are expected to witness growth during the forecast period. Italy, Spain, and Russia are expected to witness below average growth, during next five to six years. The demand of split AC in the region is expected to witness highest growth among all others types of AC. The European Union’s stringent mandates on energy efficiency standards are driving the adoption of split AC below 12Kw capacity. Russia is one major AC market of Europe, which does not meet the terms with the European directive. The commercial and industrial sector is expected to be two major end users in the global air conditioning systems market. Automotive sector in expected to be the major end user of the air conditioning systems market, among the others commercial segment during the forecast period.

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