Wireless Portable Medical Devices Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

Wireless portable medical devices are the medical devices that are not restricted to hospitals and can be used in schools, offices, homes and aircrafts to ensure earlier diagnosis and better healthcare monitoring. Rising urbanization and increasing demand of the devices from healthcare industry are the key factors for the growth of wireless portable medical devices. Wireless portable medical devices are widely used in healthcare monitoring application, home diagnosis, medical therapeutics, and for fitness monitoring. Increasing cellular connectivity, coupled with wireless communication advancement is supporting the growth of wireless portable medical devices market. Due to rising income levels and increasing chronic disorders, such as respiratory, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, the market for wireless portable medical device is expected to gain momentum during the forecast period.

Wireless portable medical devices uses different types of sensors, such as inertial sensor, level sensor, ECG sensor, heart rate sensor, pressure sensor, position sensor, temperature sensor, blood oxygen sensor and others. The wireless portable medical devices in healthcare industry include, cardiac monitors and hemodynamic monitors. Portable medical devices play a vital role in overall analysis and patient monitoring behavior.

Increasing geriatric population is another important driver for wireless portable medical devices market, as the elderly people are more prone to illness and often seek hospitalization. With increasing government support to medical establishments in rural areas, the adoption of advanced medical devices has surged.

High maintenance and renovation cost, strict government policies and standards, and issues in designing and compatibility of devices are major challenges for wireless portable medical devices market. Management of transmission and delay of different types of communications in the system also stands as a challenge for the wireless portable medical devices market.

The portable medical devices market can be segmented on the basis of application, technology, and equipment type. Based on various applications, the global portable medical devices market can be categorized into diagnosis, monitoring, medical therapeutics, fitness and wellness and others. Based on technology, wireless portable medical devices can be categorized into Wi-Fi, ZigBee, BT/BLE, ANT+ and others. Based on type of equipment, wireless portable medical devices can be segmented as insulin pumps, pulse oximeter, medical imaging, digital hearing aid, hemodynamic monitors and others. Advancement in semiconductor technology is expected to make wireless portable medical devices more affordable and user friendly.

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