Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer (TDLA) Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

Tunable diode laser analyzer (TDLA) is a device that gauges the amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other chemicals present in a gaseous mixture. Owing to their benefits, the tunable diode laser analyzers have become the integral part of process industries. Tunable diode laser analyzer can measure concentration of gases at very low detection limits. The low maintenance cost and simple installation process of tunable diode laser analyzer makes it the most viable technology for the consumers. Apart from concentration, tunable diode laser analyzer can also determine pressure, temperature, velocity and mass flux of the gas under observation. Tunable diode laser analyzer use laser based absorption method for quantitative evaluation of species in gas phase. Based on application type and tuning range, several types of diode lasers are used in tunable diode laser analyzers. For instance, an InGaAsP/InAsP installed tunable diode laser analyzer is tunable in the range of 1.6 µm – 2.2 µm; whereas, InGaAsP/InP can be used between the range of 900 nm – 1.6 µm.

Based on end-user industry, tunable diode laser analyzer market can be categorized into oil and gas, fertilizer, metal, power generation, cement, chemical, pulp and paper and others. Among end-users, oil and gas industry dominates the global tunable diode laser market, followed by metal and power generation industries. Based on application, tunable diode laser analyzer market can be segmented into natural gas, coke-oven gas, DeNOx, refinery fuel gas, green house gases, SRU (Sulphur Recovery), fertilizer urea, tail gas, flare gas, clean gases and others. Tunable diode laser analyzer is likely to replace the traditional gas analyzers, such as paramagnetic and zirconia analyzer for measuring oxygen in near future, because of the reduced maintenance and spare costs of Tunable diode laser analyzer.

Increasing demand of Tunable diode laser analyzer for applications such as incineration and emission monitoring, and escalation of industries such as oil & gas, cement, metal and power generation are among the key drivers for tunable diode laser analyzer market. Whereas, the major restraints for tunable diode laser analyzer market include its high development and infrastructure cost. One of the major disadvantages of tunable diode laser analyzer is the measurement at atmospheric pressure that produces wider absorption lines, which leads to interference problems due to nearby lines of other atmospheric species. The slightest of noise created by the light source or optical system can potentially reduce the detection accuracy of tunable diode laser analyzer.

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