Agricultural Enzymes Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

The Agricultural enzymes market is growing due to high investments in the biotechnology sector, increasing global population and increase in production yield from limited arable land. Demand for high quality agricultural products and adoption of modern farming practices, helping in cost improvement are creating ample opportunities for the growth of the agricultural enzymes market in the coming years. Due to rise in agricultural enzymes sales, key players in the industry are making large investments in the research and development of enzymes. Scientists are preparing enzymes for insertion in compost activators, biological fertilizers, and for direct application to soil and plants. 7,500 separate types of enzymes, each one serving a different purpose, have been identified by researchers.

Agro biotechnological processes including bioprocessing of crop residues and crops, enzyme-assisted silage fermentation, construction of feed supplements to enhance feed effectiveness and fiber processing uses agricultural enzymes. Agricultural enzymes are also used in some advanced applications such as use of phytases for improving effectiveness of nutrient utilization and reducing waste. Organic agriculture prevents effects of land degradation, climate change, food insecurity and poverty. Enzyme has properties to intensely change by gene shuffling and direct evolution, so it makes them useful even if enzymes are particularly customized to their process conditions and application. Enzyme technology is growing rapidly due to many reasons such as the trend towards sustainable industrial development with less waste and less carbon dioxide (CO2), rising demand for chemicals, and emerging advanced technologies.

On the basis of product types, the agricultural enzymes market can be categorized as proteases, lipases, carbohydrases, polymerases and nucleases. The Agricultural enzymes market can be categorized on the basis of crop types as oil seeds and pulses, cereals and grains, and fruits and vegetables. On the basis of applications, the agricultural enzymes market can be categorized as growth enhancing products, control products and fertility products.

Trend of organic farming is increasing with a significant rate; as a result, it is supporting the agricultural enzymes market to grow by a considerable rate. Cheaper production methods, new application fields and new enzymes are also supporting the agricultural enzymes market to grow with a considerable rate. However, lack of transparency in patent farming and government regulations regarding agricultural enzymes are restraining the growth of the agricultural enzymes market to some extent.

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