Retail Touch Screen Display Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

The retail touch screen displays make the advertisement more interactive to the consumers at the retail point. The touch screen industry is mainly driven by growing popularity of the android platform and iPad, coupled with decrease in display costs, due to amplified usage. The use of hi-tech touchscreen display is a major driver contributing to the growth of the retail touch screen display market. With the developments in technology, the touchscreen displays are becoming more advanced rather than being a personalized experience. The touch screen technology market is also driven by factors, such as increased consumer spending on electronic devices, increasing efficiency and ease of access for these devices. The increasing usage of touch screen displays in the healthcare and entertainment applications is expected to create several growth opportunities in the market.

touch-screen-150x150A touchscreen display includes a protection layer, a touch sensor and other components used to sense the touch. A touchscreen is commonly worked upon using fingers, or using a stylus depending on the ease, and the type of the touchscreen. The touch screen display finds widespread application in tablets and smartphones. Apart from these, they are also used in several other industries such as gaming, education, ATMs, kiosks, retail signage, transportation, POP devices, media players, laptops, and personal computers (PCs).

On the basis of technology, the global retail touch screen display market could be segmented into capacitive technology, resistive technology, embedded technology, optical technology, acoustic technology, infrared technology, and others. The capacitive technology is further divided into surface capacitive, and projected capacitive technology. The acoustic technology is further categorized into surface acoustic, pulse recognition, wave acoustic, and dispersive signal touch. The resistive touch and capacitive touch technologies hold the maximum market share by volume. In terms of revenue, mobile and tablet segments is the largest application segment for the touch screen technology market.

The development of multi-touch screens in retail touch screen displays is one of the major trends, in the global retail touch screen display market. The multi-touch technology in touchscreen solutions are also expected to augment user experience during the forecast period. The multi-touch technology is also an additional advantage to touchscreen resolutions. The touch panel display producers are progressively approving the multi-touch panel technology. For example, in 2010, TPK Holding Co. Ltd. launched a projective capacitive technology, which provides multi-touch functionalities. The increased usage of touchscreen by users is encouraging the display manufacturers, to focus on the development of display multi-touchscreen functionalities.


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