Electronic Toll Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

The Electronic toll market is growing due to the rising demand for safe, secure and improved infrastructure. The electronic toll system provides fast, effective and cost-effective facilities. They include easy operating buttons and user-friendly design. Electronic toll collection systems have a positive impact on the environment as they reduce the amount of exhaust released from vehicles during start-up and stop at manual toll booths.

Electronic toll collection system is an automated system, which eliminates manual operations by toll payers and the receiver. The toll is collected electronically in order to eliminate the delay on toll roads. Electronic toll alerts the system for the cars that have not been registered. In an electronic toll system, cars are equipped with a transponder. The transponder’s modified signal is picked when the car passes through a toll intersection. The information is passed on to the central computer and they would be charged accordingly. Electronic toll system is a cashless tolling system which is gradually being adopted in urban areas and highways. It charges the accounts of the owners of the registered cars without stopping.  The governments in several countries are formulating the standards and regulations for the electronic toll collection system market.


The electronic toll market can be segmented on the basis of type, product, technology and application. On the basis of types, the Global electronic toll market includes multi-lane free flow, electronic toll collection and single lane electronic toll collection. Single lane system allows increase in traffic throughout and reduction in traffic congestion. Multi-lane system helps to achieve maximum output on the highway and helps to reduce the traffic congestion. On the basis of product, the electronic toll market can be divided into automatic vehicle identification (AVI), automatic vehicle classification (AVC), and others. The others segment includes the back office and integration services and violation enforcement system (VES).

The primary growth drivers of the global electronic market comprise cashless travel facility, the need to save travel time, the necessity to minimize the traffic congestion and fast toll transaction. Electronic toll market offers numerous opportunities for better environment, revenue generation, increased safety, and public transport improvement among others.

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