mHealth Set to Become a Part of Smart Fitness Devices

mhealth 1.jpg

As per a report from Health IT Outcomesthree in four Americans will purchase a fitness device in 2016. Through the earlier patient survey, 35 percent claimed of having plans to buy a smartwatch in 2016. Almost 30% users have expressed their interest in downloading fitness related applications, while 27% claimed to have plans of getting a dedicated fitness tracking device, and 27% would like to purchase smart apparel, and 23% people plan to buy a device that could track sleep patterns.

Smartwatches have a future growth potential, as they are versatile. People usually prefer monitoring their fitness stats through smartwatch, which is enabled to perform multiple functions.  In healthcare, they’re used to measure temperature, heartbeat, and pulse measurement, along with blood glucose level monitoring for diabetic patients. The smart watches are enabled with GPS navigation, camera, thermometer, chronograph, mass storage device, touch screen and scheduler.

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