LithoVue Single-use Disposable Ureteroscope Launched by Boston Scientific


Boston Scientific claimed to have launched its LithoVue single-use digital flexible ureteroscope designed for minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, such as diagnosing and treating stones and other kidney, ureter and bladder conditions.

The single-use scope is designed to be cost-effective compared to multi-use scopes which require maintenance, sterilization and reprocessing, as well as other operational and financial challenges, Boston Scientific said.

“Flexible ureteroscopy is considered the gold standard for treating many stones in the ureter and kidney, and the LithoVue System provides high-quality visualization that is comparable to or better than the leading digital reusable ureteroscopes. We believe that the LithoVue System offers a safe, effective and affordable solution that helps to avoid many of the hassles and unpredictable challenges of reusable ureteroscopes, without compromising visualization or maneuverability,” Dr. Glenn Preminger, M.D. of the Duke University Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center said in a press release.

The LithoVue system features high resolution imaging, with a depth of field equivalent to or better than reusable scopes, Boston Scientific said.  The device includes a 270˚ scope deflection range for navigation and an integrated LithoVue workstation monitor and image processing software.

“At Boston Scientific, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to the healthcare challenges that our customers face every day. The LithoVue System is an example of how we are focused on addressing unmet needs by providing urologists and hospitals a predictable, cost-effective, minimally invasive endoscope for the management of kidney stones,” Urology and pelvic health SVP Karen Prange said in a prepared statement.

The product was launched and is available in the U.S., Europe and New Zealand, the company said.

News Courtesy: Mass Device

First Disposable Ureteroscope Launched by Boston Scientific

Product Details: Lithovue 1-use Ureteroscope


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